About us

UNIVERSUS is a strategic communication agency.

Our goal is to create a synergy between the interests of the client and the target audience.

We carry out projects in business, politics and the arts.

We work for Ukrainian and international clients. We help Ukrainian clients achieve success in their home market and abroad and we assist non-Ukrainian clients in entering the Ukrainian market or improving their communications if they are already present in Ukraine.

We always adhere to the following principles:

  • Performance – the client comes first; we are committed to delivering outstanding results in the best
    interest of the client.
  • Efficiency – we ensure that maximum results are achieved at minimum cost.
  • Quality – we only offer quality products, created by us in accordance with the best international practices and
  • Creativity – we take unconventional and creative approaches to our projects.
  • Team Focus – we believe that the best results are achieved when we work with the client as one team.


  • Business to Business Communication

  • Internal Communications

  • Crisis Communication

Business to Business Communication

Given the variety of traditional and online channels of communication between companies it can be extremely difficult to decide on the most appropriate communication strategies and tools. Whether you are an investor or a national company, we want you to feel confident in entrusting this choice to us. We will commit ourselves to crafting a communications strategy with your business partners that will yield additional profit for you.

Internal Communications

You spare no effort but your business is not doing well enough and the employees have not formed a close-knit team. A crucial reason for this is obvious – the inefficiency of internal communications. Indeed, well functioning internal communications is critical to team performance and we know how to address that problem.. The communication strategy we devise for you will be based on a thorough analysis of the management process and organizational climate. The strategy will also be harmonized with your company’s human resources policy and external communications.

Crisis Communication

You can prevent emergencies by putting into place a plan for crisis communications from the very first.. When a crisis does occur, such communications will help you mitigate losses and turn a “minus” into a “plus”. Our formula of crisis prevention and rapid response includes the following main elements: analysis of communication risks, elaboration of crisis scenarios, framing of a package of emergency media services, and the establishment of clear response mechanisms with appropriate distribution of personal tasks and responsibilities.

  • Reputation Management

  • Interaction with Media

  • GR – Government Relations

Reputation Management

The individual, the company, and the state are all concerned with their reputations. However, a positive reputation does not come about by accident; rather it is the result of proper reputation management. The creation and development of reputation is a very delicate matter. This is why we always make sure we have a keen perception of the client before drafting a concept of his positioning and reputation management strategy as well as selecting appropriate projects, trainings and a media communication plan.

Interaction with Media

It is impossible to implement a successful business, political or cultural project without ensuring suitable interaction with the media. We let you focus on the substantive content of such projects while we do everything necessary to ensure proper media coverage of your moves. The strategy we devise for you will combine the scheduling of coverage opportunities and media support. We will create compelling content and involve different media to share it, including regional, national and foreign. We will also define your communication needs and either arrange your PR/press-service or suggest that you outsource their functions to us.

GR – Government Relations

   Interaction with central and local authorities is a delicate affair. We have both the experience and the level of contacts to deal with the challenge.
We have a team of PR specialists who have practiced in Ukraine, the EU, the USA, and UAE. Their experience means they are fully up to speed with international standards and yet nimble enough to adapt successfully to local market specifics and target audiences.


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